to the website of Peter Lilley’s groundbreaking book “Dirty Dealing: The Untold Truth About Global Money Laundering, International Crime and Terrorism”. The English language edition of “Dirty Dealing” was originally published in 2000 with a second edition published in 2003, and a new fully updated edition appearing in 2006. The book has also been published in various other languages including Russian, Arabic, Spanish and Hungarian. “Dirty Dealing” was named as one of the five best business books of the year by the prestigious “Director” magazine.

You can read the introduction to the 2006 edition of “Dirty Dealing” here

This website also provides background material to “Dirty Dealing” including:

The Dirty Dealing money laundering country risk index
The history of the FATF blacklist
A collection of money laundering statistics
Useful AML (Anti-Money Laundering Links
Supporting training material

You can also find more detailed intelligence on money laundering and business crime issues including details on AML KYC Due Diligence checks at the Proximal Consulting website

Over US$ 2 trillion in ‘dirty’ money is washed and moved around the world every year, much of it by organized crime syndicates grossing more than many developed economies. Simultaneously terrorist groups raise millions of dollars each year but are able to mount attacks on a shoestring. Both criminal launderers and terrorist groups are increasingly using alternative systems (including the Internet) instead of traditional banking routes to launder and distribute their funds. The fully updated third edition of "Dirty Dealing" exposes and analyses the awesome scale of this illegal activity – from the $11 million in South American illegal drug proceeds laundering through just one US bank in 2005 to the $12 million raised each year by a single terror group.