Book Peter Lilley as A Speaker

You can book Peter Lilley as a speaker at your commercial or organization’s event and benefit from his proven and highly regarded anti-money laundering and business crime prevention expertise. Amongst comments made by delegates about presentations made by Peter are:

However because of the demands on his time, Peter is selective about the presentations that he agrees to give. He does not see any benefit in giving the same talk over and over again and thus tends to accept speaking assignments that he views as particularly interesting and challenging.

Amongst the subjects or issues that Peter Lilley speaks on are:

  • Dirty Dealing – a more “light hearted” presentation drawing from “war stories” contained in “Dirty Dealing” and similar new material
  • Money Laundering and Anti-Money Laundering topics including current money laundering trends and events, the effectiveness of AML regulations and controls, how to install and implement an AML regime, money laundering and AML issues relating to online payment processors and new financial delivery mechanisms (such as stored value cards), why it is suicidal for an organization to ignore AML issues
  • Know your customer issues including how to create a KYC due diligence policy, the importance of KYC background investigations, KYC checks on high net worth individuals and Politically Exposed Persons, AML and KYC issues in private banks and trust companies
  • Business crime topics including corporate fraud prevention, internal fraud controls, procurement fraud, mortgage fraud, fraud opportunities in online payment mechanisms
  • Hi Tech crime
  • How an organization can respond to, and learn from, a major money laundering or business crime event

……and anything else that interests him and he feels qualified and knowledgeable to speak on!

If you would like to book Peter for your event please contact Proximal Consulting on +44 1672 516725